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Whatever Mailing List

To subscribe to the whatever mailing list, write to majordomo@kuci.org; in the body of your message, type subscribe whatever. To unsubscribe, write to majordomo@kuci.org; in the body of your message, write: unsubscribe whatever List policy is available at http://kuci.org/~nraggett/lists/policy.html The Whatever Resource Page, for members directory, FAQ, Webring and more, is available at http://www.kuci.org/~nraggett/lists/whatever.html



If your internet service provider doesn't support newsgroups then you can access them by registering at at www.deja.com.


There are MANY oasis webrings out there. Almost all have fewer than 25 sites. A good webring to join, though, is the "Ring Oasis". A webring, if you do not know, is a group of sites with the same topic that are linked together (in a ring). Joining a webring often increases hits to your website. You can join Ring Oasis from their homepage at http://www.cardiffcybercafe.co.uk/~tomos/ringoasis/index.html